London’s drinking scene is the best in the world

Our local experts have been drinking like champions (hic!) and worked through them to serve up the best of the best – here’s GuidePal’s selection of the Top 10 Bars in London.


Ever-popular Nightjar works a well-groomed take on the prohibition speakeasy look, a strand picked up by the adventurous cocktail menu.


Yes, this is a cocktail – believe it or not! Artesian makes drinks that are flawless and experimental, served up in a comfortably formal room that looks part country club, part 1930s Shanghai.


The hippest bar around – in Peckham? Yes, really. The drinks at Frank’s are excellent and inexpensive, the view is to die for and it has buckets of the ineffable cool factor which lures even hard-to-please east London hipsters over to SE15.


Ruby’s in Dalston is refreshingly unpretentious. The mismatching furniture and oddities scattered about give it the feel of someone’s ramshackle secret play den, as do the drinks served in anything from 1940s milk bottles to tin cups.


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