Our top destination for 2016?

It has to be Havana, Cuba.

We’ve been saying for years that now is the time to visit Havana – and, well, now really is the best time to visit this irrepressible and iconic city.

GuidePal’s travel experts on Cuba have worked extensively with locals to create our Havana guide, featuring tons of great tips and insider advice

havana tyler

Havana is everything you imagined: vintage American cars chug along the dusty roads as salsa streams out of tumbledown colonial houses. Old men sit on doorsteps drinking rum and playing dominoes, while the young dance rumba in the capital’s smoky, sweltering clubs. In many ways, the Havana of our collective imagination is real. And yet – as frustrating as it is fascinating – the city is like nowhere you have ever been.


What Cuba lacked through poverty, it made up in a wealth of cultural heritage. From the art being created in backstreet galleries to the music that follows you with every step, Cubans are quick to smile, dance and laugh with you.

Havana 2

This is the new dawn of Cuba. Every week new boutique bars and gourmet paladares are opening up in Havana, revolutionising the previously dire dining scene. Change comes slowly, as with everything in this country, but you can feel the energy on the streets. There has never been a better time to visit than now, with the past still present, and yet the hope of the future around the corner.

Photos: Tyler Wetherall

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