Exploring Prague is thirsty work

Cap off a great day with drinks at one of the excellent local hotspots we’ve just added to GuidePal’s Prague city guide.

Hemingway bar prague

Hemingway Bar is a mellow, handsome cocktail hideaway. Go for the Hemingway Daiquiri, a version of the classic cocktail invented by the man himself.


You might not associate charming old Prague with the ultra-modern, but this super-sleek, sharply decorated bar atop the city’s Hilton is one of its most highly rated places for a cocktail. Reveling in its penthouse site, Cloud 9 has great views of Prague’s twinkling lights, while its chrome clad interior and neon-ribbed entrance hallway have an alluringly flashy glamour that stays on the right side of good taste.

Cafe V Lese prague

Located out in the Vršovice district, this cool, welcoming cafe, bar and music venue isn’t the sort of place you’ll stumble into by accident. Cafe V Lese is a world away from central Prague’s weekend beer-soaked tourist frenzy.


Perhaps only in arty Prague would a cultural centre like Meet Factory be a popular clubbing choice. This ex-factory hosts a lively left-field mix of films, exhibitions, theatre, gigs and club nights that locals love.

Follow GuidePal’s Prague guide for more inspiration.


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