Want to discover the hottest coffee spots in NYC?

There are tons of places in the city where you can score your caffeine fix, but if you’re looking for the best of the best, look no further than our top 5 best coffee hotspots in NYC mini-guide.

happy bones web

If you’re a firm believer that good things come in small packages, then tiny Happy Bones won’t disappoint. Coffee is roasted and supplied by local company Counter Culture, whose focus on fair trade suppliers make each perfectly prepared cup an ethically sound choice too.

el rey

More than just a run-of-the-mill java joint, El Rey ups the ante when it comes to Manhattan café culture. Whilst early mornings begin with baked treats and impressive brews using Brooklyn’s Parlor Coffee, colourful plates start appearing from a tiny kitchen counter after 11am, explaining El Rey’s popularity with the brunch bunch.

little collins

It’s the Modbar under the counter coffee-making system – New York’s first – that truly gets coffee nerds all steamed up about Little Collins. Looking rather like beer taps, the system provides precision espresso, pour over and steam coffee that some argue is among New York’s best. 

toby's estate 2

It doesn’t get more Williamsburg than the atmosphere in Toby’s Estate, even if this is a Sydney import. Introducing the Antipodean style of coffee to the American public one hipster at a time, this café houses New York’s first pressure-controlling Strada machine as well as a 25-kilo roaster.

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