Amsterdam’s shedding its winter layers, ready for its most glorious season: spring

Over 7 million tourists visit Amsterdam each year, but if you’re like us, and want to go beyond the usual tourist traps, then use GuidePal’s newly updated Amsterdam guide to sought-after places loved by city locals.


Amsterdam is a vibrant, progressive city, which happily trades (figuratively and literally) on its miles of canals.

The Canal Ring is the typical picture-postcard image of Amsterdam, criss-crossed by beautiful bridges, leafy streets and hundreds of bars, cafes and boutiques.


By their own admission, Rijsel serves ‘no-nonsense food for a fair price’, but there’s definite skill shown in the simplicity of the cuisine, whether it’s a perfectly prepared poussin or a moreish tarte tatin. The place books out well in advance, so make a reservation as early as possible.


The Dylan’s excellent canal-side location – both very central and pleasingly calm – is just part of its charm. Located in an 18th century charitable institution, it’s gloriously chic, with a modern décor that somehow matches well with historic details such as dormer windows and wooden beams.


1 Amsterdam has all the makings of a hip bachelor pad, filled with worn leather armchairs and trendily tattered walls. Owner Aebe Ferilli goes with his gut when it comes to selecting items for the store, resulting in a fantasy wardrobe of brands such as Surface to Air, YMC, and E.T.Q. Amsterdam.

For more of the hottest spots, download GuidePal’s app and follow our complete Amsterdam guide.

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