The 10 hottest restaurants in LA right now

LA’s brightest shining foodie stars are not to be missed. So we’ve just added some of the latest, greatest restaurants to GuidePal’s highly curated Los Angeles guide. As an added bonus, our travel experts have also rounded up the ten hottest places to eat at in the city right now in our newly created Top 10 Eats in LA mini-guide.

Here’s some of the stand-outs:


It may look too cool for school, but this Italian restaurant actually treats its modern Italian food with an almost nerdy fervour. Bestia creates its own pizza dough, pasta and salami from scratch and takes them to unusual places by adding ingredients such as fennel pollen to pizza toppings and squid ink bottarga to pasta sauce.


Built by Charlie Chaplin in 1929, it’s no wonder that Republique’s interior looks fabulous. The restaurant’s delicious menu also works the up-to-date classic theme, with high-end French brasserie classics such as steak, charcuterie, snails and savoury Alsatian tarts rubbing up against Padron pepper tempura, Maine lobster pasta and yellowfin tuna with yuzu.


Billing itself as “The Original Hand Roll Bar”, Kazunori concerns itself almost exclusively with getting the best out of nori seaweed, sushi rice and fresh fish. Serving up a simple menu of sushi rolls, Kazunori keeps frills to a minimum with first come, first served bar stool seating – albeit in a minimally elegant wood lined room.


With veal brains, pig’s ear and tongue on the menu, Animal Restaurant doesn’t just serve up meat – it sells parts of animals that even devoted meat eaters can feel squeamish about. Happily, it all tastes great. The atmosphere, meanwhile, is attractively casual, with a spare décor of white walls and low wood paneling keeping focus on the plate.

For more of the best places, follow GuidePal’s complete Los Angeles guide.


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