Who knew Vienna was such a haven for hip bars?

The city’s not just for old people and Mozart lovers. See for yourself – we’ve added some of Vienna’s coolest bars to our highly curated guide.

If Dogs Run Free

Before opening Miranda (another of our Viennese favourites), Tzou Lubroth Architekten let their imagination run wild kitting out this fresh and fantastical cocktail bar in the 6th district. If Dogs Run Free serves as a sort of social club for the creative, be they students, artists, or inquisitive neighbours.

Roberto's American Bar

Widely considered to be Vienna’s best barman, Roberto Pavlovic honed his considerable cocktail skills at the classically charming Loos Bar, before gathering up his bevy of followers and going it alone with this excellent eponymous bar in 2014.

The vibe at Roberto American Bar is old school dark and decadent, yet the attitude is thoroughly modern, from the innovative interpretations of cocktails to the infectiously affable service.


The Mariahilf district has always been a go-to hood amongst artsy types, yet a few recent offerings have cemented its cool credibility. Miranda counts amongst these, drawing a creative crowd through its colourful doors to sample an inventive, if slightly pricey, cocktail menu which is largely dictated by seasonality.

Strandbar Herrmann

If you think it’s odd to find a beach bar in Vienna, you’re not alone, but if you take in the fact that the beach is an artificial one, you can see how this is all possible. Strandbar Herrmann is a great place to enjoy the Viennese summer, smack dab next to the Danube Canal in central Vienna.

For more inspiration, check out GuidePal’s complete Vienna guide.

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