Athens’ best showstopping views

GuidePal’s Athenian local experts have picked the best hotspots to chill out at and soak up the stunning panoramas of Athens.


Galaxy Bar has 360-degree views of the city, sweeping over the illuminated stone of the Acropolis and beyond, which makes it worth a cocktail.

It attracts well-heeled tourists, local celebrities and businessmen, who you can overhear gossiping in Greeklish as they sip their cocktails and nibble finger food. The atmosphere is exclusive, but most people come just to be part of the panorama.


Off the tourist radar, Eleas Gi has so far escaped international press attention, but those who find it agree it is one of the most accomplished restaurants in Athens. Located in a beautiful old stone mansion adorned with olive trees, from the moment you enter and are handed an apertif, the experience feels luxurious and the views across the city will leave you breathless.


Fun and bold, Fresh Hotel is quite something, but what really gives this boutique hotel an edge over its competitors is its trendy centrepiece: the glorious rooftop terrace, plunge pool and lounge, offering sweeping, wraparound views of the Parthenon, the Acropolis, and a whole host of city sights.

For more tips and inspiration, check out GuidePal’s complete Athens guide.


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