Partying like the Madrileños

So, we can officially confirm that the rumours are true: Madrid likes to party. And the partying just never stops. We spent last weekend there, hopping from bar to club, club to bar with our local expert and, boy, do the Madrileños know how to party.

The nightlife here is legendary. To help you out a little, here’s our FIVE favourite party spots in the city which are guaranteed to show you a good time, no matter your taste. Remember, though: don’t to a club before 2am, or you’ll be all alone.

NUMERO UNO: Bodegas Ricla

Bodegas Ricla

Did you know that there are 350,000 bars in Madrid? Well, don’t worry, if you only head to one of them, this place should be it. It’s a tiny tavern that’s very local and very authentic, and we love it. A real treasure. Look for the green doors and a crowd of happy Madrileños spilling out of the tiny tavern.



I know, a beach bar in landlocked Madrid? Bear with me – somehow it works. Areia works hard at creating a laid-back Balearic vibe in chill-out lounge. There’s a ceiling tented with hangings, low cushion-strewn banquettes and coloured glass lanterns. It’s gone for a kitschy Arabian Souk look that stops comfortably short of being tacky. The crowd here is easy-going and a lot of fun.

NUMERO DOS: El Perro de la Parte de Atrás del Coche

El Perro de la Parte Atrás del Coche
El Perro de la Parte de Atrás del Coche

We love this alternative drinking and dancing spot which attracts an eclectic, fun-loving crowd made up from just about everyone who’s ever passed through Malasaña’s nightlife. They play anything from soul, hip hop and funk to punk, ska and indie here – plus there’s often live shows. It’s unpretentious and, yeah, a bit scuzzy, but El Perro has a sense of humour (its name means “nodding dog”) that makes it a great place to finish a night’s bar hopping.


the roof
The Roof

So this one is veeeerrry different to El Perro – it’s firmly on the tourist map, but really, who cares: just look at those views. Perched above the extravagant-looking art nouveau Hotel Me, The Roof is an open-air bar, a sort of lounge in the sky, and it’s surprisingly cosy and relaxed. It’s never be your Madrid local, but for a summer sundowner on your first night in the city it’s hard to beat.

NUMERO CINCO: Corral de la Morería

Corral de la Morería

Okay, so it’s not really a party hotspot – but you can’t come to Madrid without experiencing some authentic flamenco dancing, and this place will definitely make you feel the infectious, fun spirit of the Madrileños. Corral de la Morería attracts some of the best flamenco performers in the world – and the shows here are excellent. Just don’t eat at the restaurant here – opt for drinks at the bar.

For more local tips and advice, check out GuidePal’s complete Madrid guide.

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